About Our Company

Launched in 2015, Blanc Studio is a Cyprus based Women ready-to-wear brand, founded by the womenswear designer Christia Charalambous. The Blanc Studio started as an idea, a dream, from a woman that tries to express herself daily through art in her own way, disregarding the conventional rules and establishing her owns. Blanc Studio aims to provide the modern women with luxury ready-to-wear clothing using sartorial techniques and masculine cuts to shape the female form.

We use minimal design and exceptional tailoring to emphasize unique textiles that can adapt any environment. With a focus on doing more with less, our silhouettes are designed to be layered or worn alone and last through time.

Self-intimacy is self-care, self-care is self-love

Christia Charalambous

Our Core Values

Latest trend fashions

Androgynous mixed up with the feminine silhousettes
Unique Designs

Pioneering our own ideas by believing in a minimal philosophy
Sustainable Products

Our products will remain for more than just a season
Story Tellers

Our inspiration is driven by performances of art