Our goal is to be fully sustainable by the end of 2020

Fashion and textiles industry are two of the leading causes of global warming and more specifically climate change. This is due to the chemical composition of the textiles which are currently being used, since the textiles decompose slowly, and have a huge negative impact towards the well-being of the environment. The fashion world is aware of what is happening to our planet and many brands, including Blanc Studio, are trying to promote sustainable fashion and generate an environmental-friendly consciousness to their consumers hence both entitles, brands and consumers, to contribute in the fight against global warming.

What Sustainability means?

In simple words sustainability is the study of how natural systems can remain diverse by producing everything needed for the ecosystems to remain in balance.

In the Fashion industry  these are some of crucial reasons having a negative impact on the environment:


  • Overconsumption – Fashion Industry is the world’s third largest manufacturing industry after automotive and technology.
  • In order to produce more textile this leads to some of the most crucial impacts in the environment.
  • Heavy consumption of water for cotton crops.
  • High consumption of coal and/and natural gas which is non-renewable to produce energy for the manufacturing facilities.
  • Pollution from the fertilisers use for the cotton crops.
  • Dyes/Chemical waste from the garment factories.
  • Synthetic Fibre Pollution -Synthetic fibres, most commonly polyester when they are washed , tiny particles of plastic are shed away into  the water systems and finally end up in the oceans. Therefore this pollution causes severe damage to the environment by contaminating fish and other marine life. Plastic is already a huge issue for our planet, and tiny particles like this are currently impossible to catch.


No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

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