In 2014 was the year I took the first big step to the fashion world and decided to introduce my artistic perspective through Blanc Studio. Even at the early stages of Blanc Studio’s creation I really knew what I wanted to design: a brand, where I would express myself through garments that could be worn timelessly. Every new beginning has new challenges, difficulties and obstacles that I needed to surpass in order to shape the idea of Blanc Studio. I took small and precise steps towards the designing and sewing of my first collection hence, it took me almost a year to release it. Drawing inspiration for my first collection mainly by my years spent in London, one of the world’s biggest city, which blends the purely chic architecture with the prolific nature. I love to work with clean lines, natural color palette and organic fabrics, thus this is what I implemented on my first collection. The first collection was a milestone for Blanc Studio. It made me feel that I found a purpose and that there is a place out there, in the fashion world, for Blanc Studio.




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